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Next step we have to do to make sure we attract all the great things in abundance, is to watch our thoughts. Its said that our mind churns thousands of thoughts each day, most of which would be negative. How can we tell if  those mind chattering are negative? Your feelings will be the best gauge. A simple theory – thoughts leads to feelings = actions.

When you start altering your thoughts and beliefs  to become positive, you are actually sending positive energy/ vibrations to every cell of the body. This joyous feeling in respond to those positive vibrations, is the tool that helps you attract what you ask for. Vibrations that we exude acts like a magnet, like attracts like… positive attracts positive.


You create you Thoughts,
Your thoughts create your Intentions,
And your intentions create your Reality.
~ Dr Wayne Dyer



A week ago, one of  the members of my twitter family ask me a question,” Ah Jie, you are into Law of Attraction too. But how come it’s not working for me?”

I pondered on it over the weekend and wonder if I should just share with everyone the basic essence of The Law of Attraction. I guess its important that we understand the fundamental elements  so that we’ll be able to practise it with joy. After all Life is suppose to be fun… isn’t it 😀

So are you ready for class?? Here we go…….

First we have to understand that everything around us… including the human physical form, we are nothing but energy.

Dr Deepak Chopra gives us more  in-depth explanation.


There is a way to witness energy – find some where you can enjoy the clouds. Pick a point to focus on without straining your eyes ( remember how we use to look at those 3D pictures). If you do it right, you will be able to see specks of sparkling dust in the air. Its prana, another word for energy.

To be continued……


Continually watch how you are feeling.
You want to be feeling life flowing through you like a river,
Rather then tensely holding on to life.
You can tell by the way you feel if you are relaxed and flowing,
Or if you are holding tension inside you.

One way of releasing tension,
Is to decide that you are going to give the very the best of
yourself to everyone.
As you give the best of you,
You are opening up the flow of the Universe to move through you.
And it feels so good!

The Secret – Daily Teachings ( Day 162 )

Whatever that happens, happens for a reason ( Which you might not understand now)

Is every happenings in the world a coincidence ?
Is every encounter in your life a coincidence ?
Do you really think that you are not related to the stranger in another part of the world ?

Events occur to bring the hearts of humanity in reunion.
Events occur to bring out the tear of love, hidden in your heart.
Events occur to bring out the love in you.

In human perception, it is a suffering of loss, separation.
In the eyes of angels, it is the shift of energies.
After a storm, the sea is again calm.
After a trial, the heart becomes stronger.
The links between hearts also is strengthen with fortidude, towards a common goal- Peace

With mutual understanding that the person who oppose you is no different from you. Just a different perspective coming from the same desire- Peace

See beyond differences
See beyond bias
See beyond the roles and characters of a Drama.

Contributed by Jay Wu.

Its said that the year of the Metal Tiger will not be an auspicious year for weddings, therefore it created a mad rush for couples to tie their nupital knot before the Tiger year starts to roar. Finally I attended the last wedding on my January list. Phew!  It’s over… I’m done with all the dressing up and having to make sure I have no food stuck between my teeth before photo-taking.

Weddings are always beautiful, all the great food and loads of wine and drinks to go around to celebrate the couple’s joyous union. But it’s also the time when you witness a lot of wastage, because you are so filled up by the fourth course of the wedding dinner .I guess it comes with the Chinese tradition that excess of everything, just brings you more abundance in future. Well if they understand how the Universe works, then first you have to be grateful for all that you have, so that it can bring  to you all that you ever wanted.

Next thing- all the meat that we consume. My friend’s hubby Andrew, was trying to pass us his share of shark’s fin as he is against the killing of sharks. “Then what about all the rest of the animals that are killed tonight for our culinary experience”, I responded.  Must be the Saturday Report that I read on Straits Times that got me thinking alot more. Besides an act of kindness towards animals, turning vegetarian helps lessen the carbon emission, therefore its an effort to fight our carbon footprint.

So it goes without saying what my wedding would be (if there is ever one :P), knowing that my parents will not be in favour of it. I’m going to strap my guests to their chairs and bring on the vegetables. Get  them to bring home the excess food.It’s a  good cause 2 in one wedding.  Can’t get any better then this 😀

Explore the link below for carbon emission in relation to the food that we consume.

An award winning short film about hunger and poverty. It’s films these that constantly reminds us not to over order and waste food, and to be truly grateful for all that we have now.

~ When we got hurt in relationships, in dealings, in environments. What is our usual foremost reaction or instinctive behaviour? Most likely a tendency to blame everything else.

When we are hurt by people or situations, being hurt physically or emotinally, we say to ourselves, time will heal the pain.

What really happens , is that we tend to store this pain & memory in our heart and mind. Hidden under the shadow of self-denial, avoidance & ignorance. Although it is buried but is not released and thus form a barrier. This buried past or memory of pain affects and sabotage all your relationships.

Consider this way, release it by forgiving & letting go, of yourself and involved parties. This is not a new method, it is found in a number of school of thoughts, only called by different names.

Some interesting thoughts to really consider:
You can only heal it if you are ready to heal it.
You can heal it only if you want to.
You can heal it, by letting go, by releasing it.

You can heal it if you realise that no one in lesson is perfect.
You can heal it if you realise that we all make mistakes.
You can heal it if by having mercy for yourself and others.

You can heal it if in your heart,
there is always a better tomorrow,
filled with hope, love and light.

Contributed by Jay Wu.